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DialogDesign highly prioritizes quality in its usability work.

Here’s what DialogDesign understands about quality:

·       Experience

Anyone can call themselves a “usability expert.” At DialogDesign, all consultancies are handled by Rolf Molich personally. Rolf has worked with usability since 1984.  He has written the most popular Danish book on the subject, Usable Web Design, almost 30,000 copies of which have been sold so far. The book is often commended for its usability and has been translated into Swedish and English.

Buy or borrow the book and judge for yourself whether DialogDesign's perception of quality and usable communication matches yours.

·       Recognized expertise

Rolf Molich is the only Dane and one of the very few Europeans regularly paid to conduct tutorials at large international conferences arranged by the ACM, the Nielsen Norman Group, User Interface Engineering, and Interact.

·       Useful and usable recommendations

Rolf Molich’s considerable experience shows up in DialogDesign’s usability recommendations. It’s relatively simple to conduct an interview, an observation, or a usability test, but it’s not so simple to identify the problems precisely and to suggest effective and efficient usability improvements.

·       Selling the results

DialogDesign’s usability tests include a consensus-building session, which is very useful for “selling” usability test results to colleagues.

·       Usable test reports

DialogDesign’s test reports use a standardized, usable format, which has proven its value in scores of tests.

·       Adherence to standards

DialogDesign adheres to the Danish standard rules for usability testing (the rules are currently available in Danish only). We only use recognized methods and de facto standards - never homemade voodoo methods.

Experts and "Experts"

An impressive door plate, fancy office rooms, and lots of employees with “usability expert” on their business cards or in their email signatures are no guarantee for quality in usability work.

Remember, anyone can call themselves a “usability expert,” so always ask for a specific explanation of what your vendor means by the terms “expert” and “quality.”

Here are two tips on how to discern whether your prospective vendor’s perception of quality matches yours:

·      Ask for a sample usability test report.

·      Look at the vendor’s website. Is it useful and usable?

Unfortunately, DialogDesign’s internationally recognized CUE studies show that a lack of quality in usability work is a widespread problem and that it could create misleading results.


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