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DialogDesign has fixed prices and presents them openly.

Below, you’ll find the prices of our most popular products. All prices are exclusive of Danish VAT. For activities outside the greater Copenhagen area, prices are exclusive of travel, accommodation, and meals, which are invoiced at cost.

It will be our pleasure to provide a detailed, usable offer for your specific project.

DialogDesigns current hourly rate is 960 DKK, which is approximately 130 EUR or 160 USD (November 2008).

·       Usability test

Quality usability test of a product, system, or website with six typical users recruited by DialogDesign. The price includes a consensus-building session and a usable test report of approximately 25 pages. The report describes the results of the usability test and offers professional recommendations.
Price: 48,000 DKK

The price assumes that

- the client provides suitable rooms for the usability test,
- the test is performed in the greater Copenhagen area, and
- the test participants are easy to recruit.

Video recording, extra test participants, etc., are optional and not included in the standard price.

·       Standards

DialogDesign has ready-made standards for Windows dialog, PDA dialog, Windows help, user documentation, and HTML dialog. We sell our standards in the Microsoft Windows Word format so you can easily adapt them to your needs.
Price per standard: 20,000 DKK

·       Talks

We shall be pleased to present one of our highly rated 1-to-3-hour talks at any location you desire. Sample topics include usable dialog design, exemplary websites, instructive usability disasters, writing for the web, better help, and better documentation.
One-hour talk (greater Copenhagen area): 5,000 DKK

·       Courses

DialogDesign offers in-house courses that can be adapted to your organization, needs, and interests. In-house courses are economically attractive, starting from four participants.

The cost of a one-day in-house course for up to 16 participants varies slightly, depending on the level needed.

Basic usability topic:         17,000 DKK

Advanced usability topic:  22,000 DKK

·       Consultancy

If you’re facing a more complex task for which you need consultancy, we shall be happy to provide a detailed, usable offer for your specific project. We’ve done a wide variety of work: strategic advice, usability test coaching, international usability testing, creating and implementing user interface standards, design of complex user interfaces for novices, and measuring and improving usability maturity.


Prices and Quality

Always compare both price and quality of usability products.

It’s easy to offer a low price if you use

·      Homemade, unauthorized methods (so-called “voodoo methods”).
Insist on methods mentioned in recognized textbooks or carefully refereed articles. “White papers” usually aren’t refereed, even if a university produces them.

·      Inexperienced consultants or students. Some companies present highly qualified experts at the sales meeting, but let less experienced staff perform the real work.

Conversely, a high price doesn’t guarantee high quality. A high price may be caused by

·      an excessive use of specialists - for example, two specialists for a usability test, or

·      the use of a “usability lab.”

Measurements show that a usability test’s quality isn’t improved by using two or three specialists instead of one, or by using a special lab.

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