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Usability test reports Test your usability skills

Free Resources

DialogDesign offers the following free resources on this website:

       Test Reports

Instructive and usable professional-level usability test reports from DialogDesign and others.

       Test Your Skills

A number of nontrivial usability exercises from DialogDesignís courses that can help you assess your own usability skills.

       CUE (Comparative Usability Evaluation)

A series of collections of comparable professional usability studies, the results of which DialogDesign has organized and analyzed.


Papers in English about usability evaluations (in particular, CUE studies) authored or coauthored by Rolf Molich, DialogDesignís owner.

Recommended Free Resources Offered by Others


A high-quality resource for developing usable and useful websites. Note in particular its research-based guidelines.


Usability guru Jakob Nielsenís website. Famous for its free biweekly Alertbox, which features Jakobís interesting and sometimes provocative observations about usability.


The website of usability guru Jared Spool and his company, User Interface Engineering. Subscribe to its newsletter, UIEtips, which is often filled with great and surprising insight.

Exemplary websites:


In particular, its information about privacy and return policies


In particular, its front-page space management


In particular, its constant attempts to form a dialog with the user


In particular, its search engine


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