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Expert Review

In an expert review, one or more experts evaluate a dialog based on typical user tasks, guidelines for good design, existing standards, and personal experience. Expert reviews must be performed by recognized experts with many years of practical experience.

DialogDesign describes the results of the expert review in a report in DialogDesign’s standard format.

An expert review is a fast, efficient, and cheap way of finding some of the problems that users may have when using a product. The evaluation report describes the problems and recommends solutions so that you can modify the product and eliminate the problems.


See our Prices page. DialogDesign can usually complete an expert review within one week, from the start of the review until delivery of a final, professional report.

Why choose DialogDesign?

·  Experience

A successful expert review must be performed by someone who is generally recognized as an expert. DialogDesign’s expert reviews are carried out by Rolf Molich, who has more than 20 years’ usability experience.

·  Recognized expertise

Rolf Molich is one of the few experts in the world whose experience is so widely recognized that he’s regularly invited to speak about expert reviews. Rolf’s experience is based on many expert reviews and on the CUE studies.

·  Approach

We use persona- and scenario-based expert reviews. This approach is currently the most recognized in the field.


Our Draftsman Jørgen Grosbøl’s Perception of an Expert Review


Expert Review vs. Usability Test

Choose a usability test if

·      Your organization is unfamiliar with and perhaps even skeptical about usability work;

·      You need to “sell” usability to your colleagues; or

·      No usability expertise is available.

Choose an expert review if

·      Your organization is familiar with think-aloud usability testing;

·      The required professional experts and usability experts are available; or

·      Price and fast delivery are critical.



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