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DialogDesign offers entertaining and thought-provoking talks and courses about usability, lasting from one hour to three days. Rolf Molich can lecture in fluent Danish, English, or German.

Our lists of events and previous events provide a good impression of the many usability areas we cover.

Advanced Courses

Usability Evaluation: An Overview of Available Techniques

Contents: A critical overview of the latest research on usability evaluation techniques, with a particular focus on the cost/benefit of various methods. Assesses usability testing, local vs. remote tests, synchronous vs. asynchronous tests, international tests, expert reviews, focus groups, questionnaires, eye-tracking, and more.

Duration: 1 hour

Expert Reviews for Experts

Contents: Presents a survey of commonly used expert review techniques and discusses their strengths and weaknesses. Participants hone their expert reviewing skills by critiquing one or two seemingly simple screens. Participants also do an expert review of a dialog and build consensus with their peers. We discuss efficient consensus-building techniques.

Duration: 3 to 4 hours.

Usability Testing: Creating Good Test Tasks

Contents: Basic requirements for good usability test tasks and frequently made mistakes. Participants evaluate a sample task set containing common mistakes.

Duration: 1½ hours

Usability Testing: Scenes from a Usability Test

Contents: A practical test of participants’ facilitation skills. The
instructor presents video clips from test sessions covering nontrivial facilitation issues. After each clip, the participants discuss how they would have reacted.

Duration: 1½ hours

Usability Testing: Usable Communication Techniques

Contents: The instructor discusses “The Politics of Usability” and why good communication skills are essential. The instructor also presents the KJ-method for effectively communicating usability findings. Participants test their communication skills by evaluating a sample usability test report containing the typical problems that impede communication.

Duration: 1½-2½ hours

Usability Testing: Recommendations on Recommendations

Contents: Presents and discusses guidelines on how to write useful and usable recommendations based on specific examples.

Duration: 1½ hours

The Politics of Usability

Contents: Practical and efficient actions to promote usability in a
commercial or public organization. Presents a usability maturity scale and includes a thorough discussion of a carefully researched, hypothetical, but highly realistic political usability business case (scenario).

Duration: 1½ hours

Prices of courses and talks

Introductory Talks

DialogDesign gives many one-to-three-hour introductory talks about usability.

Sample topics include

·      What is usability? A measurable and usable definition.

·      Three simple rules for usable design illustrated with before-and-after examples, preferably from your own products.

·      Methods that promote usability.

·      Think-aloud usability test, preferably with one of your products and preferably with one of your people as a test participant.

A closing think-aloud test provides a good impression of what a usability problem looks like in your products. It also demonstrates the method’s power.

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