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CUE-7 - Recommendations

CUE-7 was a comparative development of recommendations for usability problems.

Nine professional teams simultaneously and independently suggested recommendations for fixing six nontrivial usability problems. Three problems originated from CUE-5 (IKEA PAX Wardrobe Planner). The remaining three problems originated from CUE-6 (www.Enterprise.com).

The CUE-7 results were presented and discussed at a panel session entitled "Recommendations on Recommendations" at the CHI 2007 conference in San Jose, CA, USA, in May 2007. 

Available Downloads

·       Overview of CUE-7. The panel description (PDF, 40 KB).

·       A description of the usability problems (PDF, 359 KB).

·       Master solution. The solution that a majority of the panel members preferred (PDF, 728 KB).

·       Paper: Recommendations on Recommendations, published in User Experience Magazine, Vol. 7, Issue 4, 2008  (3 pages, PDF, 320 KB).



Advice from CUE-7 about Useful and Usable Recommendations

·      Be aware of business and technical constraints.

If business values are irrelevant to usability assessments, it isn’t hard to also conclude that usability is irrelevant to business.

·      Spell out your recommendation in detail to avoid misunderstanding and “creative misinterpretation.”

·      Recommend the least possible change. Tweaking the existing thing is always preferable to starting over. Major changes require major effort, including retesting a lot of “stuff.”


Jeff Johnson of UI Wizards summarized the panel session with these words:

We often complain that developers don’t listen to us. Enough complaining! Let’s make our advice more usable and useful to them.

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