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Observing Usability Test Moderators (CUE-10)

CUE-10 is a unique opportunity for usability professionals to assess and improve their usability testing skills.

The purpose of CUE-10 is to gather real-world data about usability test moderation from experienced UX professionals. CUE-10 will assemble a number of experienced UX professionals to discuss best practices in usability test moderation based on a common experience in moderating at least 3 usability test sessions of a contemporary website.

Your benefits

Quoting Steve Krug's answer to the question "Do you think the proposed CUE-10 is worthwhile?"

"Yes, if for no other reason than to have a roomful of smart, serious people churn up the topic for a day, which will likely turn up some unexpected and useful bits. (Personally, I think the only real advice a facilitator needs is "Whenever you think you need to say something, don't.") "

Your contribution

To participate, you must:

  • Conduct at least 3 usability test sessions of a prescribed website;

  • Record test sessions on video. The videos must show both the usability test participant and the moderator;

  • Write a short usability test report describing your findings;

  • Submit your report and your videos;

  • Review at least 3 reports and videos submitted by other participants;

  • Meet experienced colleagues at the CUE-10 workshop. Compare and discuss findings. Learn from the similarities and differences.

  • Compare results with current best practices in the usability literature.

Available Downloads


CUE-10 will take place from January to May 2018, ending with a full-day workshop held on Wednesday 9 May 2018 in Boston, MA, USA. The workshop will be held just before the UX Boston conference.

Registered CUE-10 participants

1. Jen McGinn

2. Steve Krug

3. Carol M. Barnum

4. Avram Baskin

5. Brian M. Traynor

6. Andy Hollenhorst

7. Mike Ryan

8. Susan Mercer

9. Thanh Nguyen

10. Elizabeth Rosenzweig

11. Cameron Cross and Kanika Ahirwar

12. Danielle Cooley

13. Chris LaRoche

14. Beth A. Martin

15. Devlin McDonough

16. Jonathan Patrowicz

The maximum number of participants is 16.

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