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CUE-1 - TimeSystem

CUE-1 is a comparative usability test of a Windows calendar program (Task Timer for Windows, version 2) performed by four professional teams in spring 1998. The results were published at the UPA98 conference in Washington, DC, in June 1998. 

Available Downloads

The UPA98 paper “Comparative Evaluation of Usability Tests”
(12 pages, PDF, 140 KB).

The CUE-1 rules and all four usability test reports and addendums in one file (PDF, 1.256 KB).


The Most Important CUE-1 Findings

Three results of this comparative test particularly surprised us:

·      the limited overlap between usability problems in the software reported by the different teams;

·      the large number of usability problems detected in the software; and

·      the reproducibility of the results produced by SUMI, the Software Usability Measurement Inventory questionnaire that two of the teams used.

The limited overlap may be a result of the large number of usability problems in Task Timer for Windows. It could also be due to the different approaches to usability testing that the participating teams took - in particular, the selection of different usability test scenarios.

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