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Usable Web Design (English) Webbdesign med fokus på användbarhet (Swedish)

Usable Web Design (English)

Nyt Teknisk Forlag, www.nyttf.dk, January 2007
ISBN 978-87-571-2526-9
Price: 329 DKK (approximately 44 EUR, including VAT), 190 pages.
Available at all Danish bookstores and
www.nyttf.dk. Currently not available at bookstores outside of Denmark such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The contents of the English and Danish editions are similar. However, all the Danish web examples have been replaced with similar examples from American or English websites.

From the Back Cover:

This book contains proven methods and design rules for creating websites that are effective and easy to use. It can be used both as a textbook and as a reference guide.

The first edition of this book appeared in Danish in 1986. For more than 20 years, it has been an invaluable companion to Danish IT developers. The three editions of Rolf Molich’s books about usability have sold more than 28,000 copies. His readers include practitioners, usability course participants, and college and university students, many of whom have provided frank and valuable feedback. True to the usability spirit, Rolf has worked hard to make this first English edition of the book even more usable by:

·       Keeping it reasonably short (less than 200 pages).

·       Cutting the verbiage through extensive use of to-the-point checklists.

·       Describing only methods that work.

·       Focusing on frequently occurring problems, rather than glorified descriptions, so you learn about typical mistakes and how to avoid them.

·       Basing recommendations on non-trivial real-world examples.

·       Addressing the political aspects of usability so you know what to do when someone looks you right in the eye and says, “Cowboy programmers don’t need no stinkin’ usability”.

In short: This is one of the rare usable books about usability.

Rolf Molich received an M.Sc. in Software Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark in 1974. He has worked with usability since 1984, and owns and manages DialogDesign, a small Danish usability consultancy (www.DialogDesign.dk). He co-authored the first papers about the heuristic evaluation methods with Jakob Nielsen. Today, he’s best known as a highly acclaimed speaker and for his practice-oriented research on usability evaluation methods, including the Comparative Usability Evaluations (CUE). 

Excerpt, including full table of contents 

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Usable Web Design

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·      Usable Web Design (English edition)

·      Webbdesign med fokus på användbarhet  (Swedish edition)

·      Brugervenligt webdesign
(Danish edition, page in Danish)



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