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Usable Web Design (English) Webbdesign med fokus på användbarhet (Swedish)


Rolf Molich, DialogDesign’s owner, is the author of three introductory books about usability:

Usable Web Design (English)


Webbdesign med fokus på användbarhet (Swedish)


Brugervenligt webdesign (Danish)

E-Commerce User Experience

Rolf Molich also coauthored the book E-Commerce User Experience with Jakob Nielsen, Carolyn Snyder, and Susan Farrell.

The book originally appeared in 2001. Today, some people consider it to be outdated, but Rolf disagrees: “The web examples in the book may be outdated, but the usability guidelines are definitely not. Usability would improve considerably if today’s e-commerce websites would just follow the usability advice in this book.”

This book is available from www.nngroup.com


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