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DialogDesign, Skovkrogen 3, 3660 Stenløse, Denmark, dialogdesign@dialogdesign.dk, +45 4717 1731
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About DialogDesign

Postal mail address DialogDesign

Skovkrogen 3

DK-3660 Stenløse


Phone (+45) 4717 1731
Fax No
Email dialogdesign@dialogdesign.dk
Alternative email rolf(dot)molich(at)


Official company name DialogDesign ved Rolf Molich
Danish VAT number DK 1718 4083

Jobs at DialogDesign

DialogDesign is a single-person business, and there are no plans to change this.

Rolf Molich will respond to personal inquiries about jobs, internships, etc., but most likely nothing will come out of it. Rolf will not respond to mass mailings.



About Rolf Molich

DialogDesign's Logo


DialogDesign’s logo was created by graphic designer Henrik Rasmussen in 1997.


We also use the logo in an inclined, more dynamic form.


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